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Water glass Jonas - clear. Medieval Market, water glass jonas clear

Water glass Jonas - clear

Century: XIII, XIV, XV

Medieval craftsmen took great pride in decorating their work. One of the common ways to decorate drinking glasses was to put knobs (or bumps) on them. This also served to make the glasses less slippery, and less likely to be dropped when used. Our handmade glasses with knobs are modelled after glasses used in the later part of the Middle Ages.

Weight - 0,6 kg (21.16 ounces)
Height - 12,5 cm (4.92 inches)
Capacity - 450 ml (0.95 pints)

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Due to the fact that the crockery is handmade, the actual presence and of the product might slightly differ from the one shown in the picture. Due to the same fact, the capacity may vary by +/- 10%.

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