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Category: Female Clothing > Body Linen

14th century medieval long shirt

14th century medieval long shirt

Century: XIV, XV
14th century medieval long shirt  . Medieval Market, Long shirt XIV century

14th century medieval long shirt   - Medieval Market, Long shirt XIV century
14th century medieval long shirt   - Medieval Market, Long shirt XIV century

CODE Material
BKLE0038Underwear linen Machine-made 55.00 EUR
BKLR0040Underwear linen Hand-made 83.00 EUR
BKLS0039Underwear linen Mixed 65.00 EUR

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Chemise is a type of medieval long shirt for women worn under outer clothing. We make this medieval underwear of linen in natural or white color.

Main part of this women's medieval shirt consists of 4 trapezes. 2 of them are placed in front, two on back. Sleeves of our 14th century linen chemise are sewn with gussets. In comparison with 13th century chemise, this model has larger, half-oval neckline. It is also longer, reaching half calf.

Here is the table of standard sizes of the chemise:

Size* Client chest girth (H) Shirt chest girth Shirt length Shirt sleeve length
S <85 cm 90 cm 115 cm 55 cm
M 86-95 cm 100 cm 120 cm 55 cm
L 96-105 cm 110 cm 125 cm 55 cm
XL 106-120 cm 120 cm 130 cm 55 cm
Custom +20% of the basic price
*Please write a chosen size in additional information window.
If needed, there is an option of ordering a chemise in custom size.

Our medieval underwear can be sewn in custom size, with personalized length and other dimensions on customer's request.
On special request we can also use other color of linen or other fabrics such as silk or cotton.

Sources for our chemise

An example of medieval underwear which inspired us to make this model can be found in St Francis Xavier's Church in Paris. It belonged to Isabella of France, the sister of Louis IX of France.

Main Features

- made of natural, sheer linen
- it has long sleeves
- loose fit
- based on historical sources

Underwear in the Middle Ages

The role of medieval underwear was to isolate body from outer clothing, which was often made from wool. Underwear was the only part of clothing which was washed regularly.

Usually medieval underwear was made from linen, later also from cotton. Wealthier people wore underwear made of silk. It is a basic part of any medieval set of clothing.

Medieval underwear for men consists of braies and shirt, later also a suspender belt. Underclothing for women consists of a long medieval shirt – often called a chemise.

Medieval chemise over centuries

It is believed that a chemise was the only part of women's medieval underwear. Depending on the reenacted century, chemise can be loose (like our chemises from 13th and 14th century) or closely fitted to the body with shoulder straps.

In the 14th century, the chemises were loose and unfitted, hence our chemise matches its historical equivalent.

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