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Century: XII, XIII, XIV, XV
Alquerque. Medieval Market, alquerque gra ¶redniowieczna medieval game

Alquerque - Medieval Market, alquerque gra ¶redniowieczna medieval game
Alquerque - Medieval Market, alquerque gra ¶redniowieczna medieval game

CODE Material
ANoS1243see descriptionMixed 19.00 EUR

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Alquerque is a board game for two people derived from the Far East. The first references to it can be found in Arabic book of songs Kitab al-Aghani dated circa 950 AD, although some evaluate its age to over three and a half thousand years. It is regarded as an ancestor to contemporary Draughts (in the Middle Ages the game was moved onto the Chess board), African Zamma and American Indian Zuni Kolowis Awithlaknannai ("Fighting Snakes").

The rules of the game are similar to contemporary Draughts, the winner is the player who takes most opponent's pieces. On the square-shaped board are 25 fields connected with lines over which the players move their pieces in turns and take opponent's pieces. Taking pieces is obligatory and possible in any direction. Giving up is punished with losing one piece.

The set contains:
- 12x12 cm leather board (circle diameter 22cm)
- 24 clay pieces + 2 spare ones
- instructions for the game

After the game, the board turns into a bag for pieces. All pieces are hand-made, the board is burned on the leather.

The shade of leather may differ from the one shown in the picture.

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