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Category: Male clothing > outer garments

Franciscan habit

Franciscan habit

Century: XIII, XIV
Franciscan habit. Medieval Market, franciscan habit fransiszkański

Franciscan habit - Medieval Market, franciscan habit fransiszkański

CODE Material
WMWR1269WoolHand-made 195.00 EUR
WMWS1268WoolMixed 136.00 EUR

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A Franciscan habit is characteristic outer garment of a monk of Saint Francis monastery. Due to its cut and colour it distinguishes the friar from other congregations. Moreover, made of wool, it protects clergyman from external factors, such as rain or blistering sun.

The habit also has symbolic meaning - it reflects "living in obedience, without possessions and in purity". The habit refers to outfit of Saint Francis from the turn of XIII and XIV century.

The robe is loose, full length with extensive hood, which may serve as collar or head covering. Loose sleeves allow you to hold both hands inside them. The rope at the belt (cingulum) has several knots (The rope is not included in this set).

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