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Category: Tents > cotton tents

"Umbrella" tent with one pole (fi ~ 4 m) - cotton

Century: XV

An octagonal tent on the construction of "umbrella", with walls mounted to the roof with small "S" shaped hooks. Stable, much easier and faster in assembly than standard pavilions. Made of impregnated cotton (340 gr/m2).

Patterns of such tents can be found in numerous manuscripts and drawings, currently kept e.g. in England, France or Germany. It is also shared in digital libraries, e.g. in Mittelalterliche Hausbuch von Schloss Wolfegg from 1480, where a two-sided drawing presents an army camp; in Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César from 1460 (drawing with Judith and Holofernes); or in Li Roumans du bon chevalier Tristan, filz au bou roy Meliodus de Loenois from 1401-1500.

Tent diameter: ~ 4 m
Height: ~ 325 cm

The set consists of:

  • two-part tent sheet – roof and walls
  • 1 wooden pole of 325 cm height
  • 1 wooden wheel for small poles
  • 1 wooden cone for pole
  • 8 wooden rays (small poles for the circle) of 165 cm and fi ~23 cm
  • 28 tent pegs + 2 reserve tent pegs
  • bag for tent pegs
  • bag for tent
  • 3 wind ropes with loops on endings of 7.5 m of length each
  • 8 long drag ropes, 3.5 m of length each
  • 8 short drag ropes, 2.5 m of length each
  • 1 line of 7 m length to tie it around the pole
  • metal pin to hold the circle

There's an option of changing the polypropylene rope for hemp rope with no charge. Polypropylene ropes are more durable and harder in stretching and untwisting.

CODEMaterialStandard PomocPrice
TNBS1334CottonAverage 1090.00 EUR

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