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Synthetic buckler shield

Synthetic buckler shield

Century: XXI
Synthetic buckler shield. Medieval Market, A synthetic buckler shield is kind of training armament, using before IMCF

Synthetic buckler shield - Medieval Market, Wooden handle from the synthetic buckler shield for IMCF training
Synthetic buckler shield - Medieval Market, Side of synthetic buckler shield with steel umbo
Synthetic buckler shield - Medieval Market, Mounting of the wooden handle from the synthetic buckler shield
Synthetic buckler shield - Medieval Market, View of the synthetic rim from our buckler shield for IMCF training
Synthetic buckler shield - Medieval Market, The umbo is mounted to the buckler shield with 8 rivets
Synthetic buckler shield - Medieval Market, Profiled handle makes the buckler shield compatible with various types of gloves

CODE Material
NoE1444see descriptionMixed 99.00 EUR

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A synthetic buckler shield made of steel, plastic and wood. This equipment is inspired by medieval armament. It’s dedicated for one-hand sword fighting, for example during trainings for tournaments like IMCF World Championship.

This type of buckler shield has a diameter of around 30 cm. It is a perfect armament for trainings preparing for competitions like sword and buckler on IMCF.

Our buckler shield consists of three parts:
↪ a round shield of plastic
↪ a bowed, semicircular umbo of an inner diameter of approx. 16,6 cm, made of steel
↪ a handle made of an elm wood, finished with Danish oil

A buckler shield is a very durable sword fighting gear thanks to high quality of materials used and the umbo of 2 mm thickness. The bowl is mounted to the shield with 8 rivets. Base of this part makes an interesting octagonal shape. The wooden handle is profiled which gives a comfortable grip, very important during the best tournaments like IMCF.

Sources on SPES buckler shield

An example of sword and buckler shield fight is presented in "Walpurgis Fechtbuch" (MS I.33 or I.33). The treatise is kept in Royal Armouries in Leeds.
Pages present two characters – a priest and a learner in monastic dresses. Last two pages present a priest fighting a woman – a title Walpurgis.
It is assumed that the master presented in the treatise is a former soldier who only dressed up as the priest.

Main features of our buckler shield

↪ perfect size of the shield – 30 cm,
↪ dedicated for fight trainings,
↪ umbo made of durable 2,5 mm thickness steel,
↪ profiled handle which makes the buckler shield compatible with various types of gloves,
↪ synthetic material increases durability and lifespan of a product,
↪ historical shape and look,
↪ perfect for trainings before medieval events, like IMCF.


• Outer diameter: ~ 30 cm
• Inner diameter: ~ 16,6 cm
• Depth: ~ 19 cm
• Umbo height: ~ 6,5 cm

Short history of a buckler

A buckler shield in the past was used as a side arm, attached to a belt during fight. Together with a one-hand sword, it was an item which had its prime time in the 13th century. In general, it was used between the 11th and the 17th centuries.
Such sword fighting „set” was used mostly by knights, but sometimes also by lower-class archers, Hussite mercenaries, or Landsknechts. The buckler also played a decorative role in a civil costume. Together with a sword attached to a belt caused a humming sound during walking, which was very fashionable in these times.
Nowadays we can find buckler shields during many reenactment events and tournaments, like for example IMCF.

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