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Medieval round shield

Medieval round shield

Century: XIII, XIV, XV
Medieval round shield. Medieval Market, The front of shield

Medieval round shield - Medieval Market, Back of medieval shield
Medieval round shield - Medieval Market, Two-colored shield
Medieval round shield - Medieval Market,  inner side is covered with one layer of linen, and outer one with two layers of the material
Medieval round shield - Medieval Market, made of natural materials

CODE Material
aNoE1472see descriptionMachine-made 109.00 EUR

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This medieval round shield is a perfect addition to medieval armament. It will work out well during training and tournaments. The shield is an essential element of any medieval armament.

Our round shield is made of 8 mm plywood by hand. Its inner side is covered with one layer of linen, and outer one with two layers of the material.
The medieval round shield has a diameter of 55cm. Its handle is very convenient and made of leather.

This wooden shield is covered with linen canvas. The basis of the umbo which has octagonal shape is attached to the shield with 8 rivets.
We offer an option of painting a chosen pattern on the round shield. If you are interested in this option, please let us know via email: and send a picture with a pattern. In a few days we’ll prepare a pricing for your painted medieval round shield.

Medieval round shield on historical sources

Similar round shields can be found on numerous historical sources. One of them is the Catalan Biblia Sancti Petri Rodensis from the 11th century. Currently it is stored in the National Library of France.
Another example of a medieval round shield will be the richly illustrated Spanish manuscript Commentary on the Apocalypse, stored in Morgan Library and Museum in New York. Originally, the text was written in the 8th century by Beato from Liebana. It is one of the most popular texts on the Apocalypse of the medieval period, often copied and illustrated. One copy from the 10th century is stored in New York and it is perceived as the great example of Spanish illustrative art.
The third example of the medieval round shield can be found in famous medieval romance The Romance of the Rose stored in Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, Paris.

Basic features of our medieval round shield

- handmade,
- natural materials,
- painting option,
- convenient handle.

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