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Historical shoes from our assortment are dated on later medieval period, mostly from 13th century and above. In this time medieval shoes gained more specific look, like you can notice below. Shape of medieval footwear is based on various historical sources kept in European museums. Our shoes, like rest of available medieval clothing, are made by renowned craftsmen. There's wide range of them to choose from, so you can get the best fitting model.


Hand sewn low profile medieval women's boots

Shoes - Medieval Market, Hand sewn low profile women\'s shoes 1

Low profile medieval women's boots with slightly elongated tip. Our medieval women's shoes are based on numerous finds in western Europe, inter alia left shoe, from late XIV century, which is now in ...

Century: 13th, 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 185.00 EUR

Leather lace-up medieval women's shoes

Shoes - Medieval Market, Medieval leather lace-up shoes for women

Medieval womens's shoes combine comfort with universality. This medieval women's boots will be perfect for everyday use. Regardless of whether you want to use them - medieval women's shoes are ideal solution....

Century: 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 94.00 EUR

Low medieval women's boots with buckles

Shoes - Medieval Market, Women\'s low shoes with buckles 3

A pair of low-profile medieval women's shoes made of smooth, vegetable-tanned leather of about 2 mm thickness. Machine-sewn medieval boots are with glued styrogum-sole - it prevents slipping, it's more durable and easier to repair. Each shoe has a cut-out on the upper part of a foot. ...

Century: 13th, 14th

PRICE from: 88.00 EUR

Medieval women's shoes with a cut-out

Shoes - Medieval Market, Women’s medieval shoes with a cut-out

Medieval women's shoes with a cut-out are perfect choice for every medieval lady. Openwork pattern underlines original character of this medieval women's boots. This boots reaches under ankles and is fastened under it with leather straps....

Century: 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 137.00 EUR

Medieval women's shoes with buckles

Shoes - Medieval Market, Womens medieval shoes with buckles

Medieval women's shoes with buckles are perfect choice for every lady. Medieval women's boots of this type is characterized by comfort. The simple design of this footwear guarantees a very universal use of this medieval women's boots....

Century: 14th, 15th

PRICE from: 94.00 EUR

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