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Category : New Products

This is list of our products which were added to our offer in last 2 months.

Folding X chair with a backrest

New Products - Medieval Market, Chair

Medieval chair in X shape with a backrest. This historical furnishing is made of birch wood of high quality....

Century: XV

PRICE from: 190.00 EUR

Oval Cap

New Products - Medieval Market, Oval Cap

A medieval cap made of wool. It has a shape of an oval and covers the top of a head, above ears. The cap has a linen lining. ...

Century: XII, XIII, XIV, XV, X, XI

PRICE from: 15.00 EUR

Wooden training dagger

New Products - Medieval Market, Wooden Dagger

A wooden dagger made of ash, with a total length of ~ 39 cm. For safety reasons, blade is pointed with a ball. ...

Century: XIV, XV

PRICE from: 16.00 EUR

Large German cranequin with drawing strength up to 500 kg

New Products - Medieval Market, German cranequin

Large vehicular medieval cranequin dedicated to crossbows of drawing strength up to ~500 kg. Long handle ended with wooden grip ensures the comfort of use. Additional, special ring entwined with jute ...

Century: XV

PRICE from: 450.00 EUR

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