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Order and Shipping

I. General information.

1.The owner of the service at the address is :
Grzegorz Zmuda Trzebiatowski
ul.Bema 91-105
87-100 Torun
EU VAT ID: 561-145-55-48
tel: 605 309 768

registered at CEIDG.

2.The above service is the invitation for the customers to make offers (thus the prices shown here are not binding until they are confirmed, and the goods combinations are not binding either).
3.Placing an order by the Buyers means they have read the On-line Shop Regulations and commit themselves to obey them.
4.The Seller has the right to change the Regulations at all times and to publish those changes on the service website.
5.The Shop is based in the Republic of Poland and the Polish law regulates its principles and the ways of solving disputes.

II. Use of Medieval Market website
1. In order to use the shop you need to have:
- broadband internet connection,
- an active e-mail account.
- Internet browser (Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Google Chrome version 15 or higher, Mozilla Firefox version 7 or higher, Opera version 11 or higher) which supports CSS and JavaScript,
- enabled cookies,
- enabled pop-ups,
- Microsoft Windows 7 or higher

2. The seller takes care of proper functioning of the site, but states that there might be some issues or technical difficulties in using it. In case of such situation, the user ought to inform the seller about the problem either via e-mail or a call. The seller will immediately try to make the site stable again.
3. The owner reserves the right to completely or partly limit the access to the site for a limited time in case of an upgrade or a maintenance, without informing the users earlier.
4.The photos of the goods placed on Medieval Market site might be different from the finished product, made upon request of an individual, within the specified range given by the customer (colour, size, material or the type of finishing).
5.All of the content placed on the site, trademarks, photos, descriptions and applications are protected by the law. Any usage of them, either in a whole or partially, without a written permission is strictly forbidden and is a violation of the law.

III. Placing an order.
1.All the prices shown in the Service are gross in euro.
2.Entering into a contract:
  a)The Buyer places an order through "the shopping cart" on the Service website (you need to sign up into our service).
  b)After the order has been checked for any possible mistakes and for the availability of the goods, the Buyer receives a confirmation with the details of the ordered goods, the prices and additional cost paid by the Buyer (transport costs, payment costs) as well as the date of delivery. This confirmation is treated as an offer directed to the Buyer who has 14 days for paying for the ordered goods. If the payment is not made, the offer is invalid and cancelled.
  c)The offer is accepted by the Seller after it has been paid for.
3.The time of the realisation of the order for economic and avarage standard (the time from receiving the payment to the date of shipment) is 30 work days unless agreed differently with the customer. There is a possibility to realise order in shorter time (EXPRESS: 10 work days, for extra charge + 35% of goods price; PRIORITY: 20 work days, for extra charge + 15% of goods price). Extra charge is not concerning goods from stock which we send within 3 working days after receiving payment. The time of the realisation of the order for high standard ( hand- sewn) is 60 work days unless agreed differently with the customer. There is possibility to realise order in shorter time (EXPRESS: 20 work days, for extra charge + 35% of goods price; PRIORITY: 40 work days, for extra charge + 15% of goods price). Extra charge is not concerning goods from stock which we send within 3 working days after receiving payment.
4.The order will be realised in the shortest possible time. The customer can check the state of the order by logging on into our Service website. Posting the goods will be confirmed by an email or a phone call.
5.The goods will be delivered by Polish Mail or by courier, depending on the Buyer's choice.
6.If the parcel is not collected by the Buyer, the Seller has the right to send it again, adding the transport costs again.
7.Transport costs are calculated automatically by the Service system and depend on the amount and the prices of the ordered goods, as well as the chosen way of delivery. In case it is not possible to make this automatic calculation, the transport costs will be sent to the Buyer together with the offer from the Seller.
8.The time of delivery depends on the means of transport and the destination (the country). The Seller is not responsible for the delay on the part of the courier or Polish Mail
9.The Buyer is obliged to give all the needed measurements in case of clothes made-to-measure. The Shop is not responsible for any mistakes the Buyer might make when taking the measurements.

IV. Making the payment.
1.After having received the confirmation from the Seller, the payment can be made in one of the following ways:
  a)by making a deposit into the Seller's bank account (the costs of this are paid by the Buyer).
  b)by credit card - using the system PayPal. The Seller does not receive the number of the Buyer's credit card.
When using this way of making a payment, 3.5% of the value of the ordered goods is added to the Buyer's bill.
2.The Buyer has 14 days to make the payment after receiving the bill. If the payment is not made, the Seller annuls the order.

V. Resignation, returns and making a complaint.
1. The Buyer has the right to take the goods back within 14 weekdays from the delivery.
2.The right to take the product back does not refer to tailored clothes and other clothes of the properties specified by the Buyer in the order or connected specifically to that Buyer.
3.In case of a return of the goods, the Buyer should send the ordered goods back at his expense to the address of the Seller accompanied by a written or electronical declaration of returning the product, with the date, the signature and the instruction how and where the Buyer is expecting the refund (the bank account number or the e-mail address in case of PayPal payment).
At the same time the Seller declares that the refund does not include the transport costs. The Buyer does not pay any other costs for making a return. The returns and declarations should be sent to:

"Spes - Medieval Market"
Grzegorz Zmuda Trzebiatowski
Gen. Józefa Bema 91-105
87-100 Toruń

or to email:

4.The returned goods should not bare any signs of use exceeding the terms of ordinary management, which aim is to state the characteristics, features and functioning of the product. In case of goods, which value was decreased by the Buyer by using them in a manner violating the terms of stating the characteristics, features and functioning of the product, the Buyer still has the right to return the product, however the Seller might seek to recieve the damages from the Buyer for the goods' lost value.
5.The Seller declares that he takes into consideration all the returns resulting from the product working wrongly, but not because of the improper use.
6.The Shop does not take any responsibility for the wrong size of clothes or other fitted products resulting from the mistakes made by the Buyer when taking measurements or if the Buyer changes sizes while using the products. The buyer will be charged for the alternations referred to these two problems.
7.The complaint will be acknowledged when the Buyer sends the faulty product to the Seller by the means of transport agreed with the Seller accompanied by a description of its fault or faulty functioning. Having acknowledged the complaint, the Seller commits himself to repairing the fault. If that is not possible to be done or if the cost of repairing it is too high, the Seller will exchange the faulty product for a new one and will send it to the Buyer within 14 weekdays. The Seller will also refund the transport costs the Buyer has paid. The way of doing it will be agreed with the Buyer. The 14-day period of a complaint is counted from the day the Seller receives the faulty product. The repair period may be extended in case the materials needed are unavailable and need to be sent over.
8.In case it is not possible to exchange the faulty product for a new one, the Seller will offer the Buyer another product of a similar property or will refund the price of the product together with the transport costs or will decrease the product's price The way of doing this will be agreed with the Buyer.
9.For the Buyer's Welfare the Seller will do all his best when dealing with the return and the complaint.
10.If the Buyer sends back the faulty product by an expensive courier without consulting it with the Seller, the Seller may refuse to refund the overestimated transport costs.
11.The refund will be made within 14 days counting from the day the Seller receives the faulty product.
12.All the correspondence concerning returns, complaints and resignation from the order should be sent to or to:

"Spes - Medieval Market"
Grzegorz Zmuda Trzebiatowski
Gen. Józefa Bema 91-105
87-100 Toruń

VI. Special offers and discounts.

1.There may be discounts in the prices on the following bases:
  a) an order of the worth more than EUR 500 - 2%,
  b) an order of the worth more than EUR 1000 - 5% (does not stack with the discount in point VI.1.a ),
  c) a regular customer - up till 6%
2.Discounts do not refer to products on special offers.
3.The Seller takes into consideration the value of all the products (even these on special offers) when qualifying the order for a discount. If the order has a discount because of its amount, the discount is calculated only for the products which are not on a special offer.
4. "Spes - Medieval Market" periodically organizes competitions for its customers.
5. All of the "Spes - Medieval Market" customers are allowed to take part in competitions organised by the shop
6. "Spes - Medieval Market" reserves the right to cancel discounts without giving the reason.
7. Terms of use of gift vouchers
  -Voucher can be used for purchasing products not subjected to other discounts, available in the Shop
  -To use a voucher, please place it's number and percentage worth in the comment of the order. The value of the voucher will be substracted from the total value of the order, excluding the shipping cost.
  -A voucher can be used only once.
  -The voucher's expiriation date is placed on the voucher .
  -Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  -Products purchased on a voucher are on standard terms of warranty.
  -A voucher does not stack with a loyalty discount, size order discount and other promotions.
  - While placing one order, only one voucher may be used. Combining vouchers in one order is forbidden.
8. ATTENTION! Here you can find terms of use of new gift vouchers.

VII. Personal data protection.

1. The administrator of data is the Seller - Grzegorz Zmuda Trzebiatowski who runs the business activity under the Zmuda Trzebiatowski Grzegorz company with the main office in Toruń (87-100 Toruń, ul. gen. Józefa Bema 91-105), registered in CEIDG, NIP 5611455548 , REGON 340312740.
2. The Seller avows that he protects personal data of the Buyers on the rules of binding laws in Personal Data Protection, specifically Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 dated on 27th April, 2016, according free flow of such data and overrule of the directive 95/46/WE (General Data Protection Regulation/GDPR). The Seller avows that he is using technical and organizing measures ensuring the protection of processed data appropriate to threats and categories of data encompassed within protection, specifically protects the Buyers' personal data against making it available for unauthorized persons, losing it or damaging.
3. During the procedure of ordering Products, the Buyer voluntarily passes his personal data in required matters of the Seller.
4. Personal data obtained by the Seller is processed by the Seller in aim to:
  a. realize orders mentioned here,
  b. provide services mentioned here,
  c. appraise the payments for ordered products,
  d. seek redress due to payments for placed orders,
  e. and if the Buyer agreed for receiving information on products/services via email from the Seller (marketing purpose/newsletter).
5. Personal data of the Buyer are processed:
  a. during the time necessary to realize the sale, payment and seek redress;
  b. when processed on the base of agreement, personal data are processed till the agreement is cancelled, nonetheless canceling the agreement do not affect the compatibility with the data processing law, which was made on the base of agreement before canceling.
6. The Buyer in any time can oblige the Seller by sending a proper question, also via email on the address, to provide information on the condition of his personal data,
7. The Buyer has a law to demand removing, complementing or changing the personal data processed by the Seller.
8. Specific information pertaining data processing for the Buyer, including aims, the base of processing with terms of law, periods of processing and owned laws are every-time passed to the Buyer in the moment of collecting his data.

Mentioned rules come into force with the date of 25th May 2018.

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